Fuck Trump

We believe in freedom of speech and that we're too politically correct. That being said, FUCK YOU, DONALD J. TRUMP!

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Trump influences voter turnout.

Trump's plans.

Trump University marketing video.

Trump slow to denounce KKK.

Others didn't see the dancing Muslims during 9/11 like Trump did.

Eric Trump believes that his father hates US jobs going overseas.

Seeking Evangelical backing.

Make Donald Drumpf again!

What Trump supporters have to say to Trump protestors

Trump influences violence.

Clinton's plans.

Trump University fraud lawsuits.

Trump sons willing to pay for black critics' airfare to leave USA.

Others didn't see Michelle Fields being accosted.

David Letterman asks "Don the Con" why his products are outsourced overseas.

Katrina Pierson brushing off the Muslims.